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Challenge made clear and £715m savedHow Nuclear Management Partners has made a diff erence at Sellafi eldThe facts are spelled out in a new report entitled Performance and Progress at Sellafi eld. It shows that under NMP's leadership, Sellafi eld has:• Achieved the site's best ever overall safety performance for two consecutive years;• Generated more than £715m of effi ciency savings;• Made the fi rst retrieval in 50 years of spent fuel and radioactive sludge from one of the legacy storage ponds;• Completed the fi rst returns of High Active Waste to the countries of origin;• Implemented a passive safety system in one of the highest risk legacy facilities;• Completed the fi rst decommissioning of a power producing nuclear reactor;• Safely completed Europe's largest asbestos removal project.Martin Wenban, Vice President for New Nuclear and Strategic Programmes at Amec Foster Wheeler's Clean Energy business and a main board director of NMP, said the world-class workforce on the site can be justifi ably proud of these achievements.He added: "Importantly, NMP has also provided the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Government with a much greater understanding of the true extent of the challenges and risks associated with the site through delivery of the Sellafi eld Plan. While this has attracted some external criticism regarding increases to long-term cost estimates for cleaning up the site, it was vital that the true extent of the challenge was uncovered and properly addressed."For every £1 awarded to NMP in fee, it has produced £3 in effi ciency savings for the UK taxpayer.NMP has fully recognised its wider socioeconomic responsibility by donating more than £25m, or more than 10% of its fee, to socio-economic projects and charitable organisations in West Cumbria. This was a voluntary act, not a contractual requirement. The growth in the number of apprentices at Sellafi eld and increased expenditure through the local supply chain also refl ect NMP's commitment to invest in the long term health of the region.To give an idea of the scale of the challenge faced by NMP, Sellafi eld consists of:• 1,200 buildings, over 200 of which hold nuclear inventory;• 100 facilities individually categorised as being at least equivalent to (or in some cases greater than) a nuclear reactor in terms of potential hazard and security status;• More than 450 ongoing engineering and construction projects, 19 of them valued at more than £100m.Read the full report here: Management Partners (NMP), a consortium of global nuclear industry leaders AECOM, Amec Foster Wheeler and Areva – has delivered enhanced capability to Sellafi eld, resulting in a turnaround in the site's performance.News'Importantly, NMP has also provided the NDA and Government with a much greater understanding of the true extent of the challenges and risks associated with the site through delivery of the Sellafi eld Plan.'Martin Wenban, Vice President of Amec Foster Wheeler's Clean Energy business and a Main Board Director of NMP 8

The work, which began earlier this year and is ongoing, involves characterisation of waste components taken from high energy accelerators including the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world's largest particle accelerator.Samples are sent from CERN's headquarters near Geneva for analysis at Amec Foster Wheeler's laboratories.Greg Willetts, Vice President for Consultancy at Amec Foster Wheeler's Clean Energy business, said: "CERN is one of the world's most prestigious science projects and sets very high standards for its suppliers."We have received excellent feedback about the quality of our work and have exceeded CERN's expectations by delivering fully accredited results within fi ve weeks on average, rather than the three months specifi ed in the contracts."We aim to build on this developing relationship with CERN and off er a wider range of Amec Foster Wheeler services. This work complements our strategy to support 'Big Science' projects with engineering, project management and scientifi c consultancy, as well as the work we are doing at ITER, the world's largest nuclear fusion project."The LHC, a 17-mile ring of superconducting magnets (pictured) which steer proton beams travelling at close to the speed of light, has enabled physicists and engineers to understand better how ordinary matter is constituted, for example by confi rming the existence of the Higgs boson and discovering a new class of particles known as pentaquarks. When protons deviate from the beam, they collide with magnets or other machine components and this produces a low level of induced activity in the materials. When some components are removed from the accelerators, radiochemical testing is required to ensure that they can be disposed of in the safest and most cost-eff ective way.Amec Foster Wheeler's radiochemical laboratories are some of the largest in the UK, carrying out independent testing for nuclear operators, research institutes, decommissioning contractors, contaminated land consultants, local authorities, regulators, water companies and defence establishments. Main picture courtesy of CERNGreg WillettsCERN contracts bolster 'Big Science' questAmec Foster Wheeler has won a series of contracts to carry out radiochemical testing for CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.9