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The UK government's support for overseas investment in nuclear new build is tremendously important for our industry. It is vital that we attract the best global technology, skills and talent for the next generation of reactors that will bring us the safe, low-carbon electricity that we need.We hope that international nuclear fi rms will see this as a great opportunity to enhance their international reputation and open new channels to sell their technology globally. Governments and regulators in new nuclear countries will take a positive view of any reactor designs that have successfully passed the exacting process required by the UK's Offi ce for Nuclear Regulation.The UK's regulatory approach is non-prescriptive, which means that the onus is on the operators to show that their technology, design and operational approach are safe. The process rightly lasts as long as it takes to satisfy the ONR that these requirements have been met.It is essential for vendors and operators to have a UK Context Portfolio Partner to assist them in meeting regulatory requirements. Amec Foster Wheeler is a technology-neutral organisation that has built a strong and respected relationship with the UK regulator, so it can draw upon this experience and knowledge to off er truly independent support. Having been closely involved in assisting reactor vendors to progress successfully through the UK's generic design assessment process, as well as the pre-construction and pre-operational safety reports that are required before a site can be licensed, Amec Foster Wheeler and other partner companies are particularly well placed to play a key role as our industry embarks on an exciting new era.Clive WhitePresident, Clean EnergyWe are supporting the world's best as they invest in UK nuclear new buildAn exciting new era and a great opportunity2Cover picture: Jo Skelton, Section Lead – Remote Operations, holds a cowl between fuel guide tubes on Amec Foster Wheeler's Hot Box Dome rig at Birchwood, Warrington. At a nuclear power plant, remotely controlled long-range tooling is used to fi t the cowl, which defl ects cool gas into target areas and enables a reactor to run at full power.Amec Foster Wheeler is at the forefront of the drive to promote science, technology, engineering and maths studies and career progression for women.As part of this, the company sponsored the Health & Safety category of this year's Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Awards.The category recognises women in science or engineering who have contributed to signifi cant and measurable improvements in health and safety culture in the workplace or out in the fi eld.Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal presented the award to Helen James of BAM Nuttall at a black tie dinner in London in November.Tom Jones, Clean Energy's Vice President for Strategy and Business Development, was also on stage to explain why Amec Foster Wheeler's commitment to safety and diversity go hand in hand.He told The Beacon: "By creating a workforce where we encourage and enable greater diversity, we'll be able to provide a better off ering and innovative solutions to meet our customers' challenges."Health and safety is an overriding priority in everything we do. If organisations want to make sustained improvements to their health and safety culture, it is important for diverse points of view to be heard."Clean Energy is committed to increasing the number of women in technical and leadership roles. Amec Foster Wheeler is already seeing encouraging results in our drive for more diversity and inclusion."Amec Foster Wheeler was one of the companies shortlisted for the employer category (sponsored by AWE) of this year's WISE Awards.It's WISE to be safeTom JonesJo Sanderson01565 684914jo.sanderson@amecfw.comStephen Brauner01565 684462stephen.brauner@amecfw.comEditorial contacts

Amec Foster Wheeler awarded major project management contract by EDF Energy3EDF Energy Generation has awarded Amec Foster Wheeler a lifetime enterprise agreement to provide technical support and expertise for its current UK nuclear reactor fl eet.The agreement, the value of which has not been announced, will focus on EDF Energy Generation's reactor systems, reactor technology and plant performance to the end of the operating life of EDF Energy's existing UK fl eet. The agreement further strengthens Amec Foster Wheeler's long-term relationship with EDF Energy and will see the company continue to provide technical support across a wide range of disciplines, including:• Modelling and simulation, ensuring compliance with design codes, standards and regulations, future proofi ng key platforms and systems;• Rigs, facilities, specialist chemistry, corrosion and materials – developing solutions to solve key future and emergent challenges;• Managing ageing and obsolescence and eliminating constraints associated with high integrity control and instrumentation systems that will enable plant life extension and improve generation;• Plant performance – integrating tacit knowledge and targeted tools to predict plant performance in support of the drive for improvements to equipment reliability. Dawn James, Vice President for Generation Services at Amec Foster Wheeler's Clean Energy Business, said: "This agreement will allow both parties to plan on a long-term, strategic basis and invest in resources, tools and facilities to secure safe, reliable operational performance, to deliver EDF Energy Generation's objectives for their nuclear stations."It further reinforces Amec Foster Wheeler's long-term knowledge and expertise in the fi eld of reactor support and will allow us to help ensure that EDF Energy can generate clean, reliable and safe electricity for years to come."Brian Cowell, Director of Nuclear Operations at EDF Energy said: "Amec Foster Wheeler's unique range of skills and capabilities in nuclear engineering, combined with its longstanding relationship with EDF Energy, makes it the ideal partner to deliver the Lifetime Enterprise Agreement. The contract will enable us continue to deliver the secure, reliable, low -carbon electricity the UK needs now and into the future."EDF Energy is the UK's largest producer of low-carbon electricity. It operates 14 advanced gas-cooled reactors at six sites in England and Scotland and one pressurised water reactor at Sizewell in Suff olk.Agreed for lifeNewsHartlepool nuclear power plantDawn JamesA joint EDF and Amec Foster Wheeler team at work inside Heysham 1Our expertise will help EDF Energy generate clean electricity for years to come